Technology Framework for National Resiliency

Equitable, Nationwide Network of Resiliency® (nNOR)
Rapid Applied Research on Rails®
"Open Source" Subject Expert Knowledge On-Demand
Frontline Driven Continuous Process & API Improvement
Elevate the industry.

Resilient Community Outcomes

New builder technology
Client engagement
Enhance community infrastructure
Whole living system appoach
Elevate the industry.

Resilient Lifespan Care Outcomes

New family technology
Family engagement
Enhance support communities
Whole health approach
Elevate your reach.

Resilient Social Impact Outcomes

Track engagement and compliance
Collaborate in a nationwide solutions database
Use actionable data through dashboards
Enhance your reach and fine tune your impact
Elevate your insight.

Resilient Social Equity Outcomes

Personal, Community and Social Influence
Corporate, Government and Faith Domains
Access and Equity Focused
Methodologies Primed for Generational Achievement
Elevate your visibility.
Open Applied Research Technology Framework for National Resiliency
Individual, Family, Community, Workforce, Corporate, Government, and Faith-Based "Applied Research on Rails" to Rapidly Create, Deliver, and Fine-Tune Equitable Evidence-Based Practices.
Application SaaS Utilities
Step-by-Step Processes
Behavioral Tasking, Guiding, Organizing
Achievement-Based Social Media
‍Creation, Delivery Management
Persistent Delivery
Day Plan, Scheduler, Notifications
Plans, Tactics, Resources
Documentation, Reporting, Mutual Aid
Actionable Awareness
Personal, Corporate, Government, Faith
Trends, Activity & Root Causes
Improvement, Compliance, Predictiveness

Universal Intelligence Augmentation for Impact, Engagement & Outcome Fidelity

Action. Automation. Real-Time Fine-Tuning.
Point of Action Steps and Intelligence
Workflow Day Plan & Scheduler
Real-Time Data, Control & Fine-Tuning
Health System of Care
Access and Delivery of Care
Coordination of Care
Transition of Care
Workforce System of Resiliency
Servant Leadership Culture
Resilient Institutional Knowledge
Frontline Driven Process Improvement
Village Infrastructure
Prevention, Response, Recovery
Sustainable Systems
Physical & Social Infrastructure

On-Demand "Open Template" Subject Expert Primed Programs & Initiatives

Core Module Template
AI Aided Logical Ranking
Inventory, Media, Services
Environment, Influence, Level, Time
Predictive Need and Sliding Costs
Virtual, Sensitive Accessibility
Task to Element, Element to Task
Element to Community
Alternative Elements and Tasks
Inventory Libraries
Objective Related Lists
Training, Maintenance, Operation
Mutual Aid Pooling

Resources, Products, Materials, Services and Media as Digital Elements

Create and Edit Elements and Element Packets in Real-Time
Objective-Based Packets
Elements Lists are mapped to objectives, environments, training, skill level, and available resources .
Inventory Matching & Sharing
Match objectives to current Element inventories and pool Elements in Mutual Aid and Community Aid Collectives.
Dynamic Pricing
Element prices can be set per AI-Aided parameters based on Community Objective, Scale, Region or Collective Membership.
Grants & Coupons
Coupons for Elements can be issued by the Publisher and Sponsored by Grants funding initiatives best served by the Publisher.
Collective Role Accounts
Directors, Leadership, Admin
Providers, Supporters, Supervisors, Clients
Inspectors, Advocates, Translators
Assign, Track, Record
Assign Clients to Supporters
Assign Communities to Objectives
Records and Real-Time Monitoring
Network of Inclusion
System of Care
Community and Mutual Aid

Universal Intelligence Augmentation for Impact, Engagement & Outcome Fidelity

Role-Based Screens, Inputs & Permissions
Client/Case Roles
Client, Case, Patient, Volunteer, Worker, Trainee, Subordinate, Participant, or other users in the directly affected population
Navigator/Provider Roles
Navigator, Provider, Caregiver, Social Worker, Responder, paraprofessional, or professional directly engaging Clients
Director Roles
The program, Project, Division, Service, Organization, Contract, Event, or other Director with super-user HUB permissions
Admin, Inspector, Advocate Roles
Administration, Suppliers, Risk Managers, Compliance Officers, Logistics, Ethics, Safety, Fidelity, and ADA accessibility roles
Nationwide Access
FEMA & Custom Regionalizations
Census-Based FIPS Localizations
Incident and Response Coordination
Management Phase Specific
Prevention & Preparation
Mitigation & Implementation
Response and Recovery
Situational Awareness
Resources & Environment
Training & Capability
Linked Mutual & Community Aid

GIS Enabled Orchestration of Influences, Domains, Resources and Lifelines

Coordinate Responders, Lifelines, Corps, Mutual & Community Aid, Volunteers and Workforce
Geographical Information System
FEMA and Census FIPS regions and location codes with LeadingResiliency Utility Map Elements.
Real-Time Asset Mobilization
Identify available personnel and resources based on domain, category, training, and influence level.
Link Corps, Lifelines & Logistics
Communicate directly with individuals, communities, organizations, responders, Mutual Aid, Community Aid & Lifelines.
Intelligence Augmentation
Phase, resources, role and resource-specific tasks, processes, and workflows are loaded directly onto a connected Day Plan.
NIMHD-Based Framework
Framed for Upstream Equity Barriers
Influence and Domain Cross Over
Rapid Design, Test and Deploy
Subject Matter Expert Primed
Variables, Attributes and Assessments
Hypotheses and Goals
Alerts and Review Workflows
Open Governance and Sharing
Standard Bi-Annual GUID Data Reporting
Technology and Model Committees
Real-Time Data and Root Cause Analysis

Public-Private Partnership Applied Research Technology Framework & Governance

Nationwide Research on Rails for Resilient Functional Outcomes
LogicPrimedAI HUB™ for Core Competencies and Corps Mobilization
Resiliency Corps
FEMA/AmeriCorps-Based Navigator Modules
The Opportunity Project (TOP)
TOP-Based Navigator Modules
Accountable Care Organization
ACO-Based Navigator Modules
Rural Caregiver
HRSA & VA ORH-Based Navigator Modules
Family & ADA Caregiver
NIH-Based Family Navigator Modules
DEI Workforce Resiliency
NIMHD-Based Navigator Modules
Integrated SocialAchievementMedia™ PaaS, SaaS, Mobile, Tablet and Wearable

Applied Research on Rails EnterpriseExchange Web Apps Domains, HexagonLogic Utility Board (HUB), ExchangeCollective Accounts, Dedicated iPads and Kiosks, Mobile Apps.

LeadingResiliency® HumanChangeNetwork® is a new paradigm using a breakthrough SocialAchievementMedia™ technology framework and Public-Private Partnership collaborative revenue model for rapid development and testing frontline-driven continuous process improvement. It offers cloud-based institutional knowledge, on-demand access, and situational fine-tuning with fidelity safeguards, instant deployments of updates and upgrades, Subject Matter Expert primed AI parameters for machine learning, and a real-time indication of situationally aware, evidence-based best practice compliance.

Self-Sustaining Technology Transfer, Public/Private Revenue Model

Transferring Social Resiliency into a High Reliability Organization, Diverse & Inclusive Workforce, Governance, Resources and Compliance Technology Framework on a Sliding Scale

We use Social Impact funds raised through partnership, sponsorship, grants, and federal contracts to develop viable social resiliency solutions and transfer viable commercial products to profitable markets on a sliding scale. 70% of SaaS revenue goes directly to fund Leading Resiliency®, Strategic Initiative Advisor Board, and NOR annually prioritized projects.
High Reliability Organization (HRO) Implementation Model
LeadingResiliency® is powered by a Z3 Zero Harm HRO Implementation concept (Zero Technology Barrier, Zero Mental and Social Health Harm, and Zero Physical Harm) High Reliability Organization principles of a) rapid frontline driven, continuous process improvement, b) cultural of Zero Harm First supported with the methods of training, safety, incident handling, and delivery of services that drive the process, c) SMART FHIR interoperability protocols for Coordination, Transition, and Portability of services. LeadingResiliency Z3 Zero Harm HRO drives continuous and rapid process improvement, zero harm workflow automation with root cause analysis of incidents and near misses, and seamless integration across vertical networks. This eliminates priority collision, reduces the number of system-wide applications, and fosters zero barrier technology solutions to executing leadership vision reacting to rapidly changing realities and opportunities.
AI-Aided Institutional Knowledge Model
Create and distribute training, maintenance, safety, and operations Navitents for best practices, skills enhancement, and career/character development. Deliver and develop Navitents based on the DeeperMatrx™: actionable knowledge of who is doing what, in what conditions, at what level of training, with who else, in what Community, and with what tools and resources to improve evidence-based functional outcomes.
Governance, Risk, Resources & Compliance (GRRC) Model
Resiliency demands transparent Public-Private Partnerships that challenge traditional barriers with new technology and Intelligence Augmentation. LeadingResiliency's open framework and interoperability combine Governance, Risk, Resources, Compliance, and Leading Change principles to identify potential hazards, prevent harm, reduce financial loss, and make a sustainable, smart recovery. Participation and collaboration with our Strategic Initiative Advisory Board drive uniform processes and procedures to ensure cooperation between organizations, agencies, and the workforce conducted legally and ethically and in the context of social cohesiveness.
Engaged Exchange Supplies and Services Administration Model
Engaged Exchange powers on-demand, real-time matching of supplies, tools, devices, technology, and services to goals and compliance requirements without bias or human manipulation of search results.

Engaged Exchange search ranking is based on objectives, available resources, attributes, variables, environments, and skill levels to ensure the best practices and efficient functional outcomes. EngagedExchange allows package pricing determined by domain, use case, and influence level to balance costs and revenues across all service settings; returns precisely align to real-time behaviors, processes, workflows, and training.
Resilient Workforce Model
Tomorrow's reality depends on today's ability to build and nourish a resilient workforce. LeadingResiliency® accomplishes this for partners and clients through Z3 Zero Harm HRO, GRRC, Intelligence Augmented Institutional Knowledge and Engaged Exchange Supplies and Services Administration. An evidence-based human systems approach creates a Human Behavioral Intelligence Augmentation paradigm for resilient non-biased workforce culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion, reinforcing mental health, training, processes and workflows, and continuous frontline Rapid Process Improvement.
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LogicPrimedAI™ for Resilient Communities
Using the NIMHD Research Framework, Logic PrimedAI converts Subject Matter Expertise into an Applied Research on Rails network for rapid prototyping, testing, and deployment of behaviors and processes within AI aided guard rails. It is self-funding, sliding scale costs, and zero-technology barrier applied research in real-time.
Healthcare Resiliency
Access effective training plans and learning pathways to meet workplace objectives.
Workforce Resiliency
Navigate best practice guides and online tools wherever you are, whenever you need.
Village Resiliency
Participate in a meaningful dialog that reinforces steps toward growth and mastery.
Turn your resiliency cause into a legacy as a LeadingResiliency® Sponsor.
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Navitent, Inc. is a Black and veteran-owned corporation. Founded in 2004, Navitent provides social benefit and equity development, delivery, management, and oversight tools embedded in the DeeperIntel™ Intelligence Augmentation Suite. Based on the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, High Reliability and Accountable Care Organization Public/Private Partnership frameworks, we serve powerful features through our HumanChangeSystems™ National Network of Resiliency™. Whatever your vision for social impact is, Navitent is your GPS for Change™.

Mission: Innovate new means of impact through human factor engineering dedicated to evidence-based continuous process improvement of the human condition.

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